What’s the fate of Nigerians stranded in Ukraine?

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We have been speaking to Nigerians now stranded in Ukraine most of them students, I can tell you it’s frightening. The fear is crippling. The fact that they have to navigate this all on their own even more worrying.

When America and other countries of the world started evacuating their nationals, what did ours do?

I hope you have seen the video call to a certain Ambassador by a Nigerian in Ukraine? I paraphrase- he says “just stay calm and go about your daily business”. How?

Where bombs and explosions are heard? People are now hiding in Bunkers? The airspace already shut. How?

I hope you have also seen the statement from the Embassy? Here it is.

Please pay attention to the 4th paragraph of the statement. Again I paraphrase- ‘should anyone find the situation emotionally disturbing…they can relocate to other location on private arrangement.

Lastly, on the 12th of this month I tweeted at the Chairman of the Diaspora Commission and the Foreign Affairs Minister to ask if there was an exit plan for Nigerians there. Your guess is right- it went unanswered.

Well, they have been told to “stay calm and go about your daily business” in a country looking at war in its face.

Do follow the news. There are incredible journalists still on ground- Fanny Facsar, DW News crew, #nickcollony, Clarissa Ward
and the rest. Call your own if you have a family member or someone you know there.

Praying for peace and safety


Amaka Okoye

Amaka Okoye

A seasoned and an award-journalist who has practiced both in and outside of Nigeria. She has covered varied beats but her forte is Conflict and Crisis Reporting. She majors in reporting terrorism, banditry and abductions in the Northern part of Nigeria.

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