Celebrating the girl called Joy

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Joy came to work as a Sanitation Executive (what is popularly referred to as ‘cleaner’) in my former employment of 4 years back now

While on her SE role, during her break period, she would go to the Glam Room and watch our Make up Artist make up our guests and anchors etc.

She continued to do so, that she started offering to make us up. She wasn’t very great at it then, but I really didn’t mind (I am not big on makeup only for TV and official appearances). But of course not everyone would jump on the idea of Joy making them up.

Long story cut, Joy became quite good and was promoted from being a sanitation executive to our Make up Artist.

She would later go for certified Training with Zara and now she is super good and currently runs her own mobile Make-up business.

When I returned to Lagos only recently I rang her up for a quick make-up.

Bless! When she handed me the mirror I was totally amazed at how good she has become and well grown in the art.

Well, she hopes to have an outlet soon but at the moment she is mobile- meaning she will come to you.

If you are in Lagos or come in for a meeting, training, workshop, wedding, whatever and in need of classy, flawless make-up; Joy is your girl

Let’s get her an outlet by patronising her +2349011408630 is her number
Her page here 👇

Amaka Okoye

Amaka Okoye

A seasoned and an award-journalist who has practiced both in and outside of Nigeria. She has covered varied beats but her forte is Conflict and Crisis Reporting. She majors in reporting terrorism, banditry and abductions in the Northern part of Nigeria.

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