All Shades of Wrong

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I have read the most distasteful tweet this morning and I will not share, retweet or give a relevance of mention. I reported the tweet and blocked the human and took him out here too and moved on. I can’t trade my sanity for anything.

I see the events unfolding and I have been thinking of Rwanda ( this may sound an extreme comparison but we have to watch it).

I have friends from Rwanda who saw the genocide. It started like this. The media fanned the flame of hate.

I see a former editor tweet such thing and I am worried sick.

As a bi-cultural Nigerian this scares me
I come from an extended Okoye family with relatives and in-laws who are Hausas, who are Yorubas, who are Idoma, Tiv, Igala and different parts of Igboland. Who are Muslims, Christians, African traditional worshippers etc. That’s how very dynamic my family is and I am sure many other people out here.

I have First and second cousins who are from these mentioned tribes.

What is going on right now is really concerning.

To you all fanning this flames especially those in the media, you should be ashamed to say the least.

We have a duty not to tow this line. We have a duty to speak, write, and address issues objectively. People can disagree without fanning the flames of hate and outright bigotry or profiling.

The media has a role, I as a journalist has a role. And I speak as an individual and a Nigerian to say we must tread cautiously and respectfully.

Let’s agree to disagree but do so with some level of respect for another, some level of love and some level of decorum.

And you don’t have to agree with this post, but be guided that I will also not allow in my space any comments or remarks that will be distasteful.

May Nigeria prevail!

Amaka Okoye

Amaka Okoye

A seasoned and an award-journalist who has practiced both in and outside of Nigeria. She has covered varied beats but her forte is Conflict and Crisis Reporting. She majors in reporting terrorism, banditry and abductions in the Northern part of Nigeria.

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