A Toast To My Colleagues

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One of the things I first learnt starting out on my career is to always keep in mind that colleagues are assets and companions on the journey- the immediate journey or perhaps another in the future.

And today, I like to celebrate colleagues that make our work easy or seamless- those with whom we share or may not share offices, spaces, workflow together but play a crucial role in the work we do

We always leave an impression and these people can be our ladder to incredible places we never would have been.

Quick story, when Deutsche Welle
was looking to get through to me and making enquiries, the person who gave my number was a camera guy I had worked with in the past. His name is Isaac Ogbini

He happened to be where my name was mentioned and he not only would affirm the quality of work I do, but with no delay, give my number. I had left the organization where we worked together like 2 years ago already. But he remembered. He generously made a move. He could have kept quiet or simply not give out my contact.

My journey to Deutsche Welle started from there. I will get a call afterwards and the rest is history as they say.

And as I look through my years of work, I have had the joy of working with really great people and the excitement I get every time I bump into a former colleague is priceless!

And as I continue in my career path, I am challenged to pay this forward and to be a light unto others’ path anytime I get the opportunity.

NB- this amazing guy here used to be my colleague who worked in the security department but now doing well for himself somewhere in the world.

Oh, I gave him the look because he said something like “ah, I no fit take picture with you na”🙄. Anyways, we did. And I am glad we took this picture!

Amaka Okoye

Amaka Okoye

A seasoned and an award-journalist who has practiced both in and outside of Nigeria. She has covered varied beats but her forte is Conflict and Crisis Reporting. She majors in reporting terrorism, banditry and abductions in the Northern part of Nigeria.

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